What is Earth Style Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is, at its core, a martial art that is also good for your health. 

Earth Style is a form of Tai Chi that combines martial arts with Qigong, utilizing techniques from four major forms of Tai Chi (Wu, Sun, Yang, and Chen).  This style has been passed down to us from Master Ni Hua-Ching, through Masters Mark Johnson and Andrew Smith.

What makes Earth Style unique from other Tai Chi methods is that it incorporates identical movements repeated on both sides, thereby engaging the left and right hemispheres of the brain. 

What is Meimen Qigong?

Also called Meimen Pingshuai ("Level Arm Swing"), Meimen Qigong is designed to activate the Qi in your body through repetitive arm motions. It was developed by Master Lee Feng-San in Taipei, Taiwan.

Easy to learn and quick to show results, Meimen Qigong promotes improved blood circulation and balance, as well as detoxifying and replenishing your body.

What do we offer?

Our goal at the Hsin Yung I-Chuan school is to show traditional Tai Chi as it is meant to be. A common misconception about the art is that it is nothing more than a "health and fitness" routine, more suitable for the elderly and disabled. 

What people fail to realize about Tai Chi is that it is always described as a MARTIAL art, with its own set of defense moves, counterattacks, joint locks, and takedowns. We wish to impart not only the HOW of doing Tai Chi, but also the WHY.

Our Standard Curriculum

-Earth Style: Demonstration Form and Long Form
-Yang Style Short Form
-Push Hands and Martial Applications
-GM William CC Chen Straightsword Form 
-Chen Style Broadsword (GM Jiang Jian-ye variant)

Curriculum Costs

Introductory Class


Two-hour Group Class, includes Qigong and Meditation.

Individual Classes


For those who have taken the Introductory Class. 1 person is $40, 2 people for $70 and 3 for $90.

Class Bundles


For 4 classes, paid on the first Saturday of the month.

Sifu Sam Winters

Chief Instructor

Sifu Sam has been a teacher of Tai Chi for 15 years and has sat as a judge in the International Chinese Martial Arts Championship (ICMAC) for over ten years as a certified Master.

Mike Owens


In addition to Tai Chi, Mike is also a yellow belt in Aikido. Working as a neonatal pediatric flight transport nurse by day, Mike spends his free time practicing Tai Chi and chatting on his ham radio.

Brandon Berger

Student, Social Media Coordinator and Webmaster

An avid follower of martial arts, Brandon wears a multitude of different hats: ESOL teacher,  tabletop game master, jewelry designer, and full-time father to his son, Sebastian.

Wendy Hutchinson


Wendy started learning Tai Chi in order to maintain balance and flexibility. Over time, she has found improved breathing and concentration through regular practice. Her favorite quote: "Do one thing every day that your future self will thank you for."


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Sifu Sam receives the ICMAC Hall of Fame Master's Award!

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